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Unlock the value of your contact list with targeted email marketing campaigns to engage your contacts, drive sales, and increase your customer lifetime value. Find out how our email marketing services can get you more sales by requesting a free digital marketing review.

Maximise Sales with Engaging, Data-Driven Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite probably the most effective and highest converting tool in the online marketing arsenal.

Once you’ve had your first few customers and collected their contact details, you’ve got a ripe and ready list of potential repeat customers to tap into.

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets, but it needs to be carefully managed and nurtured to achieve results.

But one of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is failing to do anything with their email list.

Maybe you want to engage your email list and know you should be sending out targeted emails, but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve run the occasional email marketing campaign only to give up because people just aren’t opening your emails.

Or maybe you know exactly what to do, but simply don’t have the time to run effective campaigns. Email marketing isn’t a case of bashing out a few emails instructing contacts to “buy this” or “read that”. It takes time and thought.

You need to write and design emails that speak to your contacts. You need to think of compelling subject lines that skyrocket your email open rates. And you need to carefully plan (and monitor) email sequences and sales funnels that result in conversions.

Email marketing is about building a relationship with your contacts and establishing trust.

By nurturing new contacts, you can turn their interest into action and convert them into paying customers. And by keeping existing customers engaged, you persuade them to choose your products or services, again and again, increasing your customer lifetime value.

The results can be incredible.

But if you’re not doing anything with your email list, you’re missing out on sales.

That’s why we offer effective, end-to-end email marketing services you can depend on.

We optimise every stage of your email marketing. We can create or perfect your individual emails and your overall email marketing strategy, streamlining your sales funnel and impressing your contacts.

But we don’t stop there. We continuously monitor your email marketing campaigns to make sure they have maximum impact.

We measure the success of email campaigns by keeping an eye on critical email marketing metrics like your open rate, your conversions and unsubscribes. If we think your emails could be performing better, we make data-driven decisions to enhance your campaigns.

We’re obsessed with achieving the very best results for our clients. We put our all into creating winning campaigns and powerful emails that get through to your contacts, build trust and loyalty for your brand, and increase your conversions.

We want to help you turn your email list into a sales machine.

How We Do Our Email Marketing

We create, manage and monitor email marketing campaigns that get your business measurable results.

We make sure your email campaigns are on-brand and perfectly designed to help you achieve your business objectives by creating a bespoke email marketing strategy that focuses on your short and long term goals.

We’ll nurture your email list, build valuable relationships with contacts, and move them through your email sales funnels, turning your subscribers into customers.

Bespoke Email Marketing Strategy

We’ll create a bespoke email marketing strategy that outlines how we’ll help you hit your goals with email marketing. Your strategy will detail plans for email sequences with specific goals for different segments of your contact list.

We’ll also review any existing or previous email campaigns you’ve run so we can find out what’s worked well for you in the past, and what’s stopped your emails from having an impact. The more we know, the better our new strategy becomes.

Email Upload and Automation

We’ll upload your new emails to your email automation platform and schedule them, so they automatically go out to the right people on your mailing list, at the right time.

We’ll also review the format of your emails and make sure they look great. We’ll add links back to your website, images and design elements, and compelling calls to action.

Monitoring Campaign Success

We want to make sure we’re achieving the best results for your business, so we’ll monitor critical email marketing metrics, like open rates, conversion rates, unsubscribes, and click-through rates.

By reviewing your email performance, we’ll measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Engaging Email Creation

With your strategy in place, we’ll create engaging content and compelling subject lines for your emails. Every email is written with a specific goal in mind, such as responding to sales objections, directing contacts to your latest piece of killer content, or driving sales. Each email will bring you one step closer to your ultimate business goals

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