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Website not performing as well as it should be? We’ll sort you out.

At GLI, we design websites to make money for their owners. That’s why, as well as aiming to make your website the best-looking one in your market, we’ll also make sure it increases traffic and conversions.

Sleek Websites, Astonishing Results

We’re GLI, the sleek, dynamic and mobile friendly website design and development agency you’ve been looking for. We’re based in Lagos Nigeria, but we build websites for businesses across the Nigeria and around the world.

We’re passionate about working with small and medium-sized businesses just like you. We work to understand your vision and build a fast, efficient website that converts your visitors into customers.

We’re beyond proud to say our websites convert at as high as 26%. Astonishing, we know!

We Design Websites That Sell — Here's How:

  • Impression At It’s Best

Your website should give a great first impression of your business and look world-class on whatever device your visitors use to find it. People do judge books by their covers and businesses by their websites. The quality of your website is often the only means people have to judge the quality of your business.

Before we start the design phase, we’ll discuss the scope of the project, your goals and any design elements that you’d like to see included. Want to send us some websites that you particularly like? Great. No idea what you want? That’s okay too. We’ll have plenty of our own suggestions for how your website could look, so if you’d rather just leave it to us, we’re perfectly happy working that way.

  • Built To Convert

We’re proud to have websites converting as high as 26% in our portfolio. Need a website that works hard for you? We’ll build it.
Every page on your website should have a clear goal — we build all our websites this way. Each page’s layout is focused on achieving its primary goal and making it easy for your visitors to take action.


  • Sellable Copies

The hard truth about web copy is that no one is all that excited to read that your business was formed in 1908 by Great Uncle John. Effective website copy is about selling your concept and communicating the benefits of your product or service.
Our team of Copywriters are on hand to craft website copy that captivates and converts. If you like the copy you’ve already got, that’s no problem. We can search engine optimise your current content to make sure your website gets the surge in traffic and conversions you need.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

All our websites are built to look and work great on mobile, from tap-to-call phone numbers to our User Flow Prioritisation method where we reorganise page elements for each device according to the priority.

Not only does a mobile-friendly design rank better on Google than an unresponsive site, but users visiting your website on mobile will find it easier to convert too. A mobile-friendly website makes the best of traffic from PPCFacebook ads or Google Ads.

Our Website Design Process

A website is a complex project, but that doesn’t mean having a website built should feel painful or drawn-out. If you’ve experienced “industry-standard” website development processes with other web development companies, you’ll know that it’s almost always a complete nightmare. But not with us at GLI.

We’re can boast of our super-organised website development process, which removes as much of the stress as possible while keeping your project moving forward.

Step 1 - Research and Specification

Before we even begin to build your site, we’ll work together on your bespoke website specification. We’ll talk it through with you before we move onto step two to make sure that we are all clear on every element.

We’ll discuss your design and functionality requirements, look at other websites for inspiration and map out the structure of your website with you.

Step 2 - Design

Once you’ve signed off on the specification, we’ll get to work on designing your website. If you choose a bespoke website build, we’ll assign a dedicated Designer to your project. If you opt for one of our high-converting template website builds, we will use our expertise to find the right template for your website based on what you need.

Step 3 - Development

For custom website builds, we only start coding once the website is fully designed and signed off — this shortens the build time considerably, as your Developer knows exactly what they’re coding. Our high-converting template websites move straight into build once we have received any copy, designs, logos, branding guidelines and colour palettes that you would like us to apply.


Before we move to the final step, we quality assure (QA) your website and send it to you for approval.

Step 4 - Go Live

At this stage, any tweaks to your website should be minor. Once you’ve approved your website, we will start working on your on-site SEO and prepare your site to go live. It’s now time to bring this beauty into the world! Your site will go live on our speed-optimised server (a year’s hosting is included in the price).


Our SEO experts will submit your website to Google, double-check any redirections and ensure the new website is being indexed properly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We build all of our websites in WordPress. Here’s why:

  • It’s easy for our clients to update their own websites. You need access and control over your website, so this is important.
  • Adding functionality is easy and economical using plugins.
  • It’s a dream for SEO.
  • It’s the world’s largest and most popular website platform. No more out-of-date frameworks and weird systems that only your uncle’s goddaughter’s son-in-law knows how to use.
  • It integrates with everything, from eCommerce fulfilment and CRMs to booking systems.

Whilst we genuinely feel WordPress offers the best platform for almost all businesses, we understand that you may want to build on Shopify or another platform.

We have a talented team of Developers with experience working on multiple platforms, but we can’t guarantee anything until we know exactly what you’re after. Let’s talk about your requirements and see what’s possible.

Every website is priced according to the amount of work involved. First, we’ll want to understand your vision for the site. We’ll scope out a brief based on your requirements and provide a quote.

Each individual quote will take into consideration:

  • The number of pages required.
  • How much new copy is required.
  • If the existing copy requires a refresh.
  • Whether you need a new logo and branding designed.
  • Any additional competition-destroying functionality that you need.

We’re not in the business of making our clients unhappy or unsatisfied. Because of our rolling short-term contracts, if we have unhappy customers, we are out of business.

Our rapid growth and repeated client success stories are evidence that we consistently deliver to our clients, reaching their goals and increasing their business revenue.

We much prefer to earn our clients’ long-term loyalty by making them more money, rather than locking them into long contracts that only a solicitor can break.

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Click the button below, and tell us what you’re after. We’ll be in touch to arrange a FREE consultation and specification of your new website.